Meet the DJ's

DJ Paulie began his love for music early in life by being exposed to different genres of music by his family in New Jersey. Paulie was exposed to disco by his mom, rock and pop by his father and brother. Paulie and his family moved to North Dakota in the mid-70's and while his family worked almost every day at their restaurant, Paulie and his brother Lou would spend time together listening to music and developed a love for bands like Kiss, Boston, Foreigner and others. During the early 80's, DJ Paulie was introduced to the New Wave scene and MTV videos.
During this time the family moved back to New Jersey and during this period Paulie was exposed to rap, hip hop and dance music. It was during this period he started to get into the club scene and began to run the lighting system for a dance club. As Paulie watched the DJ's spin vinyl records, creating intricate mixes on multiple turntables, he bought 2 turntables and worked tirelessly day and night learning to mix. Paulie got his chance at 19 and quickly rose to prominence playing the big clubs in New York, New Jersey and the Jersey Shore.
DJ Paulie has been a DJ for over 30 years, a graduate of the Connecticut School for Broadcasting, and along with his brother, Lou, formed the Back in Time Brothers, who appear weekly on their national radio show and hosting several shows on Back in Time Radio. Paulie hosts Freestyle Factory and the Masters of Mix every Saturday. Paulie and his brother co-host Back 2 the 80's and Back 2 the 70's on Tuesdays and Fridays respectively.

Lou began his love for music when he was exposed to The Beatles in the late 60’s. Later, he was influenced by some of the great bands of the 70’s like Boston, Kiss, Styx to name a few. During this time, he was captivated by drumming and began to watch drummers like Buddy Rich, Keith Moon, Peter Criss and many others.
In elementary school, he joined band and by junior high, he was playing drums for the high school band. His love for music remained with him throughout high school and well after. In 1979, he helped form the band, Tyme, in North Dakota. The band played extensively throughout the early 80’s and was a local favorite.
After school, Lou went to work for the music retailer, Sam Goody and managed several stores throughout a 15 year career. During this time, he developed a deep knowledge for music and he was able to meet many artists and see hundreds of concerts.
Many years after, he started the podcast The Back in Time Brothers, with his brother DJ Paulie. With the success of their weekly podcast, the Brothers were asked if they wanted to replay their podcasts on a regional radio station, URL Radio. The Brothers soon developed a weekly radio show format that is listened weekly by thousands of faithful listeners. In early 2021, The Back in Time Brothers launched Back in Time Radio featuring music from the 70's, 80's, and 90's.
Lou hosts his weekly show, Inside the Covers, and shares the airwaves with his brother on the shows, the Masters of Mix, Back 2 the 80's, and Back 2 the 70's. Lou also produces many of the shows on Back in Time Radio

Who is this rocker chick they call The Big Hair??? It’s me I’m the Big Hair rocker chick and every week it is my honor to bring you songs from the hair band era and to share some fun stories along the way. I’m just a North Dakota born farm girl that loves God, family, life and of course hair bands! Growing up on a farm we didn’t have cable so every time I went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in the “big” city I would sneak in the living room and watch MTV until I would get busted by my Grandpa and have to turn the channel. Watching MTV began my love of 80’s music and especially hair bands. When I saw my firstBon Jovi music video I was hooked and the rest is big hair history. Back in the 80’s my hair weapons of choice were a teasing comb, hair dryer and a supersize can of AquaNet, which I never left home without. If my hair touched the headliner when I got into my vehicle then I knew my hair was the perfect height! On a normal day I’m a professional with a big girl job but on the nights and weekends you’ll find me either hanging out with my family, playing with my cows on the farm, going for a nice walk or fishing for walleye with my fiancée Dan.Come join me on the Big Hair show, I promise it will be a fun trip “back in time” to the hair band era and it will trigger some fun memories for you. Make sure you stretch out your neck first and have your chiropractor on speed dial because I guarantee you it will be a fun head banging hour of awesome music.
Rock on!

PJ grew up in a small midwestern town. As a child he work endlessly on his fathers dairy farm. At the age of 18, PJ moved to Seattle Washington and started what ended up being a 37 year career with UPS. PJ retired at the age of 55, with 37 successful years with the company. PJ has always loved to write, as well as his artwork of pencil sketch and design. He’s fueled by many hobbies. Besides the writing and drawing, golfing is a love that he still sucks at!! But gosh, is he ever competitive on the course. PJ is a proud father of 4 unbelievably awesome children (Patrick Ryan, Dylan, Sara, and Jake), and is deeply in love with the love of his life, Jaime. PJ and Jaime have been married for 32 years. They enjoy spending time together, along with the kids. Now to this Back In Time Radio GiG!!..Wow what a fun opportunity! This all started out after hooking up with Producer Lou 30 plus years after going to high school together, back in North Dakota! Running into each other after all that time is what movies are made about! One thing led to another. PJ was invited to join a podcast with Lou and his brother Paulie. Which led to another podcast where Lou and Paulie decided to do a podcast on the GRUNGE MUSIC MOVEMENT that SWEPT the Seattle area….And actually began in Seattle in the 80’s and then of course into the 90’s…How PJ loves those days! And he was in the center of it all. After our podcast, PJ was asked to join the Back In Time Crew and start his own Grunge Show…You know it as “PJ’s Seattle Sound…The rest is history… so “PEACE…He’s Outta Here”!